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Ruby on Rails books for Sale

I’m no longer going to be pursuing the Ruby on Rails world. There are many reasons why and I’m not sure I want to elaborate here on all of them. At least not now. Not yet.

But you can profit from my loss. I’ve put up eight Ruby on Rails books for sale on eBay today. So, if you’ve been wanting to learn Ruby on Rails, this is your chance to do it for a very reasonable price. Starting bid is only 99 cents and there are nearly $300 of books (over 3,000 pages of material), so it’s going to be a great bargain for someone.

No More Ads or Entrecard

The blog here is now ad-free. After hearing a few good responses to my recent change of adding ads and Entrecard, I decided to eliminate (once again) all advertising.

I particularly decided to eliminate Entrecard fairly early on as it was nothing but a time-consuming project that brought no benefits. Yes, I discovered a lot of blogs, but quite frankly, I’d rather do that on my own time without the pressure of trying to inflate an advertising rate.

Hertz Survey Flawed

[See March 5, 2008 Update below]

Are companies ever going to “get it”? I like Hertz. But, boy this email I got from Joseph Nothwang, made me really wonder whether they have a clue. He claims to be the “executive vice-president and president of vehicle rental and leasing for the Americas and the Pacific”. Huh? Is that the most ridiculous and overly lofty title you’ve ever heard? How can you be the Executive Vice-President and the President at the same time? I’m not sure I even want to know. What irritated me most about his title is that Hertz apparently dumps the good ol’ U.S. of A. in with all the other “Americas”. What? Is the USA just a mere player in “the Americas”? Hey Hertz! Don’t send me email like this from your stinkin’ globalist department. I’m not part of your one-world NAFTA thinking.

Back on Facebook

I’m not going to elaborate on my recent return to Facebook, despite my prior departure, but I’m going to basically use it as a way to just keep in touch a bit better with folks. I will not be creating any “unique” content there, although my writing here is automatically mirrored on my profile there.

Families can’t run Public Schools; NEA is Needed

I recently received an email from a well-meaning friend who was discussing some options regarding the upcoming Presidential election. My friend is a public school teacher and a Christian, so I was a bit surprised when he made the following statement:

Paul is the only candidate still talking about eliminating the National Educational Association’s interference with education, which is something that as a public school teacher I think ought to be controlled first by families and second by the most local government possible.

Help me Stay Healthy by Boosting my Google PageRank

My Google pagerank is a 4. Respectable. But, it once was a 5 a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. Then Google did some algorithm adjustment and mine fell. I have my sneaking suspicions why, but I agree when Google makes adjustments. Or corrections.

But, since that was well over a year ago, I’ve been doing some stewing and brewing and I’ve come to the conclusion that I sort of don’t like it. It’s like being a certain age and then having to go back a year. Can you imagine if your parents just said to you, “Well, you’ll just have to go back to the age of 11 instead of staying 12 any longer”. But, why? “Because we said so and we know what’s best for you!”

Subtle Blog Changes

I’ve made a few changes of which you need to be aware. Why? So you can become a better blogger. So you can enjoy my blog more. So you can tell me that I’m wrong to make these changes.

1. Blogroll centralized. The first subtle change is I’ve removed most of the external links from the sidebar that were, in essence, a blogroll. This will undoubtedly irritate those twenty or so folks who were getting some free inbound link love on hundreds of pages of Salberg.Org.

Technorati Top 100 shuffle still needs more work

Photo by The Wandering Angel. Much ado is being made over the Technorati “bug fix” two days ago. However, much more work by Technorati needs to be done.

The fix was to count sub-domains separately from their parent domain. No one but the losers of ranking on the Top 100 have really anything negative to say about that because, in most people’s minds, this is how the ranking should have been done all along.

However, Technorati claims that their blog ranking system is for the purpose of ranking authority of different blogs. Notice I didn’t say “websites”, but “blogs”. But, what constitutes a blog?

Small Business Blogging Won’t Grow in 2008

I’m a proponent of business blogging, and yet, in my experience as a web designer for small businesses, I continue to see major stumbling blocks that will prevent small businesses from creating and utilizing effective business blogs.

Liz Fuller of Business and Blogging recently pointed out that only five percent of small businesses (those with less than 100 employees) have any kind of business blog. That equates to about 1.25 million businesses.

New Year Goals: It’s all about Cycling

Photo by kamshots. It’s been way too long since the days that I rode dozens and dozens of miles through the backroads of Long Island, so in my new year’s resolutions, I’ve decided to make cycling a central focus of getting back into shape.

First, I love cycling. A lot more than lifting weights or running. Second, I need something that gets me outdoors away from this cursed computer. With pilates and weights, I’m still a bit too close to the daily excitement of being a web entrepreneur. Must… get… away…