Why the need for part-time Web developers?

I keep seeing ads here and there for “part-time web developers”. I have to confess my ignorance, but I don’t understand these advertisements. Is there a website to develop or not? If so, isn’t it to the client’s benefit that the website be done as quickly as possible?

If a website were a building construction project, what would you think about everyone being asked to work part-time? In the end, the project will still cost the same (since everyone is paid hourly), but it will just take a lot longer now.

Same with a website. So, I tend to assume that the advertiser isn’t serious. I assume they just want some backup people in case they get a new project. And I assume most of all that there is some kind of issue with money, particularly as it pertains to cash flow.

Maybe my assumptions are wrong. But I think other pro developers have this cross their mind, too. What’s your impression of professional jobs advertising “part-time” work?

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