Dumb Job Ads: Web Deigner (short internship)

Yes, the spelling of designer as “deigner” should be a head’s up. Along with the spelling of candidates as “candidadates”.

I don’t know when America is going to get serious about allowing anyone, even a freelancer, to work for free. It should be illegal. Some companies in California are now conducting two and three day “trial” work periods. Candidates don’t get paid, but they do work. While I’d argue that phony interviews due to failed pre-screenings and unprepared interviewers should be compensated, I certainly think that once an employee (or “candidate”) begins any actual work that in any way benefits the company, they should be compensated accordingly.

Not according to Level Ten though:

Level Ten Productions is Currently seeking a Web designer to design company website (that is your internship) just to prove yourself.After that you will be paid by project. Level Ten Productions serves as a full service Web Marketing & Digital Media company that will focus on the medium to large business market. We are seeking a Talented, Creative, Enthusiastic designer to assist with the creation of the websites. This is a chance to be apart of a ground breaking experience with a new company. Also great opportunity for students looking to expand portfoilio and gain real world experience. Candidadates should be proficient in Photoshop, Dreamweaver, and Flash.

Interested candidates please forward information to: [email protected]

The hilarity is that such an approach is a true double kill. The ‘candidate’ will likely never get the work (and certainly no guarantee of it), and the company will get substandard, unprofessional work. Any smart company knows to go after well-qualified, well-proven candidates.

Imagine a power utilities company doing this. Or a fast-food restaurant even. Some people in the creative arts still think they can get free spec work out of unsuspecting students and label it as an “internship”. Don’t fall for it students. Oh, and by the way, the “new company” is a bit suspect. There is no “Level Ten Productions” corporation, LLC, or DBA in Florida. The Imaginations New Media looks like its own website was designed and coded by a template monster. Be afraid. Be very afraid.

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