Dumb Job Ads: Freelance WEB Designer needed for low budget project

The series continues… sooner than I thought it would. Not even a few days later, I stumble across this beauty. You’d think I’d be making this up, but I’m not. Here it is on Craigslist.

Freelance web designer needed for new Orlando company
We have a couple of low budget websites
we are seeking a very simple webcast site 1 page with movie showing 24 hours this can be a 30 minute repeat loop then an archive that can be searched though a key word system
Please send contact information and links to work done

Granted, Craigslist isn’t known for the same kind of job ads that the New York Times might have. But they are usually at least serious. This one has to be some kind of joke.

I’m not sure why “web” is in all-caps here. Some kind of emphasis that seems to be in direct reaction to past applicants that were the wrong kind of designer, I suppose.

The project is so low budget… (how low budget is it?)… that they left off the periods at the ends of the sentences. I always love it when a client or project manager says something should be very “simple” and that they don’t want to pay much at all, but then go on to describe a fairly not-simple thing. This time, it’s accompanied by unintelligible nonsense that barely qualifies as English. I’d love to find out what new Orlando company this is if anyone finds out. I can’t wait to see the “webcast site” with that very simple “key word system” and a 24-hour movie running on a 30-minute loop that gets to be archived. That sounds like smokin’ hot technology.

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