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Is Ron Paul the Next U.S. President?

I’m a conservative. There, I said it. I could spend a great amount of time discussing how I’m not “this type” of conservative or “that”, but let’s not fool around. If I didn’t brand myself, you’d brand me. And if I try to explain away any of your preconceived notion of me, it will just make me look weak. So, picture me however you picture a conservative and let’s move on to the topic at hand.

In the conservative movement, as in all movements, there are shades and flavors of the ideal - to which no one person can subscribe. Everyone has their preferences. Some might be a little more socially conservative, some fiscally conservative, some fanatical, some rather quiet, and so forth.

Fast Food Drive-Thru Ordering

I’m hardly a Seth Godin. If you want ideas for the small little improvements in business, Seth is definitely who you need to read. In fact, I’d argue that if you aren’t reading Seth, and you run a business, you are seriously impairing your ability to get that little percentage of an improvement which could reap huge dividends in the long run.

However, I don’t think Seth has talked about this yet, so I’ll give it a shot.

Two parts here: The first part below is how you can make your life easier when ordering from a fast food drive-through. The second part is how fast food resturants can improve their drive-through process.

Ordering from a Drive-Through


Over 200 bloggers and entrepreneurs from around the state converged upon Rollins College’s Bush Auditorium to hear speakers from around the country come to talk about blogging, social media, and the evolution of the internet community. This was the second year of BlogOrlando, an unconference. Last year, there were 90 attendees. This year, the registration was closed when they hit 290 and the organizers (basically . I was honored to be there and met some awesome people doing some very awesome things.