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Twelve Reasons to Walk Out of a Job Interview

Have you ever been on a job interview that, somewhere in the middle of it, you got a funny feeling about the job? But, since you needed this job, or you perhaps you hated your old job so much, you got the offer and took the job anyway. Well, I have. A few times. What mistakes those were.

In an effort to help my younger readers who would be more likely than not, as I once was, to accept a position they were offered without pause for reflection, I wanted to share some reasons why you should walk away from a job interview, and the potential job.

Sticky Notes Finally Good for Something

I’ve always hated sticky notes. Scratch that. I think the real issue is that I dislike it when people use a lot of sticky notes. A sure sign of a disorganized person. Sticking out of magazines, plastered all over the monitor like some Victorian collar for LCD’s, and found on furniture. Ugh.

However, I have found one decent use for a sticky note. Finally. When you develop software, you are constantly wondering what version of a language or architecture you have installed in your machine. Do I have MySQL 5.0.37 or 5.0.36? I can never remember because like many web developers, something changes every month on my machine.

Homeowners Insurance Loss Ratio Chart

In reference to the following published by Florida Today newspaper, I received the following question. I’m no longer licensed as an insurance agent, so I can’t give personal advice on insurance, but I’ll go ahead and comment on the general issues if it might be helpful for those looking for some direction on these issues.

Here’s the original email I received:

The chart that appeared in FLORIDA TODAY last Sunday, 8/5/07, deserves some analysis. I am no expert. I wish one would step forward. Until one does, here are my observations:

1) This chart cuts to the chase. It simply shows the ratio of claims paid to premiums collected. It’s very basic and uncluttered with things like re-insurance (whatever that is) or overhead.