Is Sprint Nextel supporting Abortion-on-Demand?

I was recently forwarded this information that a group called Working Assets Wireless is allowing you to sign-up for a wireless plan that gives proceeds to Planned Parenthood, the single-most vocal supporter of abortion-on-demand (without apology) in America. Working Assets Wireless, a company from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, may just be some local outfit owned by pro-abortion advocates trying to whip up cash for their financially-strapped charity, but I really question the involvement of Sprint Nextel Communications in this cesspool.

While I’m under no delusion that corporation routinely support charities and groups that their shareholders would vehemently detest, most corporate entities do so carefully, quietly, and usually not organizations that over half of America dislikes. I’m not talking about organizations that aren’t just widely supported, but an organization that has been at the source of more controversy than Greenpeace, PETA, and various union groups - combined.

Working Assets Wireless supports some other fringe groups, like Americans United for Separation of Church and State, the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, GLSEN, and (of course), the ACLU. Despite some of their very leftist (and communist) beliefs, those other groups’ primary mission isn’t to depopulate the earth, get rid of blacks, kill babies, and lie to women about their reproductive systems.

I guess it goes to show the kind of spineless and gutless “men” who lead corporations these days. You can almost hear their whining excuse that they can’t discriminate against certain types of groups and that Working Assets Wireless is a bonafide cell-phone wireless plan provider of theirs. But, of course, they do discriminate. I highly doubt Sprint Nextel is working with any groups to give money to groups like Operation Rescue.

Anyway, at the least, I thought I’d pass this along for you to think about when considering your next cell phone. Sprint Nextel is in such financial trouble right now you would think that they would not be going out of their way to offend half of America. I’m glad I’m not a shareholder. Maybe they could support the Nazi party in America to get about 1,000 more accounts, while offending 290 million Americans. Seems to be their business strategy.

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Disgusting! My whole family’s on Sprint and they will be dropping it, immediately, if what you say is true. Thank you for spreading the news!
Kala Ellis

Is Sprint Nextel supporting Abortion-on-Demand?
July 07, 2007

A clearly and succinctly written revelation, challenge, exhortation, watchman’s warning.

Great job!

Oddly enough, if more people would get familiar with Planned Parenthood, perhaps their abortion services wouldn’t be used as much as they are.

Planned Parenthood is one of the top distributors of contraceptives, birth control and sexual health information and reproductive education out there. It is a disgrace that so many women find Planned Parenthood to deal with the “after” instead of the “before”. The shameful thing of it all is that they exist to deal with society’s mess.

If they would get this whole “abstinence (mis)education” out of the schools and actually teach our children about how their bodies work and how to protect them, no matter what moral choices they make, organizations like Planned Parenthood wouldn’t exist. Educating our children in how to protect themselves, is necessary for a healthy and productive society. Helping our children make the best moral choices is the job of the parents, mentors and churches.

Regarding Working Wireless Assets, I have looked into them in the past, and any charity can contact them to become a “MVNO” — Mobile Virtual Network Operator.

Essentially, you take Sprint’s services and brand them as your own. You sell to your affinity group (in this case, supporters of Women’s Choice), and you share a percentage of the wireless usage revenue. You could just as easily create a “Save the Clock Tower!” MVNO as you could create one for Planned Parenthood.

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