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New Blog Design Coming

After having this design up for almost two years, I’m more than ready for a new design for this blog. And I’m hoping you’ll help me. With the amount of traffic I get, I feel I owe it to you just as much as I do myself.

For me, design isn’t just about a cool new look. I need to put some more function into this site as well. Let me share a bit about what I’m thinking.

The Design Wishlist

Chalks Airlines Self-Destructs

I received an email from a friend regarding his terrible experience flying Chalks Airlines on his one-year anniversary. Quite frankly, I had never heard of this airline before. I haven’t traveled much since getting married. Most of the airlines I flew no longer even exist: Piedmont, Eastern, TWA, and PanAm. In fact, after reading this man’s tale of woe, I really begin to hope that he would get his wish and find Chalks Airlines on Wikipedia’s List of Defunct Airlines someday - because nothing else would do this tale justice. Turns out that Chalks Airlines is supposedly this country’s oldest operating airline. After reading my friend’s email, I began to think that it might be a bit too old for its own good. We’ve had a few improvements in America since 1919, but I’m not sure Chalks Airlines got the memos.

Is Sprint Nextel supporting Abortion-on-Demand?

I was recently forwarded this information that a group called Working Assets Wireless is allowing you to sign-up for a wireless plan that gives proceeds to Planned Parenthood, the single-most vocal supporter of abortion-on-demand (without apology) in America. Working Assets Wireless, a company from Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania, may just be some local outfit owned by pro-abortion advocates trying to whip up cash for their financially-strapped charity, but I really question the involvement of Sprint Nextel Communications in this cesspool.

While I’m under no delusion that corporation routinely support charities and groups that their shareholders would vehemently detest, most corporate entities do so carefully, quietly, and usually not organizations that over half of America dislikes. I’m not talking about organizations that aren’t just widely supported, but an organization that has been at the source of more controversy than Greenpeace, PETA, and various union groups - combined.

Organizing Sent Email

I’m having a really tough time finding a useful tool or system to easily organize sent email. Every “organizing your email” tutorial out there seems to focus on the deluge of inbound email and how to handle, process, and organize it.

An overlooked problem, it seems, is organizing your sent email. Typically, most of us, when we need to find an email we sent previously, just search through our email Sent folder. Thunderbird and Outlook are more than capable of doing this.

What if I just want to easily browse through the last 20 emails I sent someone?

What if I just want to find the very first email I sent someone?