Vegan Meal Planner Just Released

My friend Alan and his wife Jean have been living a true vegan lifestyle for many years now. They are in great shape and look terrific. I don’t exactly know how “vegan” they are, as I’m not entirely up on that lifestyle due to my love of the Jack Daniel’s menu at TGI Fridays. Those items are very time-consuming to eat which leaves me little time to read up on vegan issues.

However, when I do read up on it, I head right over to Alan’s top-notch website, EZ Healthy Diet, and get all the information I need in a heartbeat. They are very big on raw foods, something which I’m a big supporter of in this day of over-cooked, over-fried, and greasy foods. Raw is where it’s at.

Now, after running his site successfully for a few years (even getting radio interviews, doing podcasts, and other such fun stuff), he and his wife have released a great little planner called The Mostly Raw Vegan Meal Planner. Even if you don’t want to become fully vegan, this is a great little tool to slowly introduce more raw foods into your diet - which can only help you be in better shape.

Alan and Jean are very kind - not the typical preachy vegan types who look down on everyone in utter disgust. It took them a number of years to learn everything there is to know and now they willingly share their information to anyone who asks. So, check out their new meal planner and see if you and your family don’t benefit. It includes two weeks of meals for a family of four, but you could easily double those recipes for a bigger family.

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I’m also a non-preachy vegan. However, I realize that it’s hard for some other vegans not to look down on non-vegans. To become a vegan they have to believe strongly that non-veganism is objectionable. They see it as similar to giving up slavery back in the days when slavery was commonplace. They see an injustice and want to stop it. Anyway, I’ll talk about it on the Vegan & Vegetarian Forums.

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