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Solo Income Up and Running

I’m excited to announce a project I’ve been working on for a long time. I came up with a way for the average person (uh, that’s probably you) to make some extra money, working at home, with very little investment of time and money.

The best part about it is that anyone can do it - if you can type an email you can do this. And you only have to do the work once (about 40 hours worth) to make a monthly income for years.

Isn’t that cool? While I’m hopeful for a good response, I’m a little worried I might get overwhelmed - so go easy on me. Anyway, if you want a way to put in some extra time now and have extra money around the holidays, check it out.

Mac Users are Dense

I had a Mac user write me and seem surprised that he had to upgrade a piece of expensive software to keep up with his latest install of OSX 10.4. I actually love Macs, but I just hate dealing with Mac users. Here’s why.

No matter what O/S someone runs, there is no substitute for education - for knowing what (exactly) you have under the hood, and learning how hardware and software interface on your machine, editing config files, adjusting parameters, etc. Just like a car, right? You can buy a Toyota at $30,000 and say it is better and never breaks down and blah, blah, blah, and that is just fine. But don’t blame me if the whole world thinks the Toyota person is a moron because he can’t change a flat tire, or change his oil. It is still a car. Spending more doesn’t isolate you from that cold reality. Down for a Week and Counting…

No one in the blogosphere seems to have commented, that I’ve been able to find, about the mysterious shutdown of, which hosts the support forums for the popular open source software phpBB, a bulletin board server program (or forum software, as some call it).

Their website says the following:

Ouch! RAID array failure…

We’re sad to announce that during the switch of a failed harddisk to the hot-spare and the planned 2 hours required for the array to re-sync, we’ve been hit by an extremely unexpected double-disk failure which leaves us with a dead array.

How Expensive are Children, Really?

My wife recently had a conversation which we’ve had many, many times before. A near-40 year old married man commented that he hadn’t had children yet because they are “too expensive”. Really?

This tired argument is perpetuated by ridiculous studies with little merit, like this one at MSN Money which states that families making $70,200 a year or more will “spend a whopping $269,520 to raise a child from birth to age 17″.

Now, anyone who would bother to take two seconds to think about this would wonder two things (at least): Where did they get that extra $200 after the 70K? And why didn’t they round up the $269,520 to at least $270,000? Are these numbers supposed to look more like real money by using these averages?

Vegan Meal Planner Just Released

My friend Alan and his wife Jean have been living a true vegan lifestyle for many years now. They are in great shape and look terrific. I don’t exactly know how “vegan” they are, as I’m not entirely up on that lifestyle due to my love of the Jack Daniel’s menu at TGI Fridays. Those items are very time-consuming to eat which leaves me little time to read up on vegan issues.

However, when I do read up on it, I head right over to Alan’s top-notch website, EZ Healthy Diet, and get all the information I need in a heartbeat. They are very big on raw foods, something which I’m a big supporter of in this day of over-cooked, over-fried, and greasy foods. Raw is where it’s at.