After discovering Adultitis by Jason and Kim Kotecki, I almost had to laugh at how uptight we adults have become. I really liked their 40-Day Escape Plan. Unfortunately, with six children and a very busy schedule, I don’t quite have the luxury of doing my 40 days all in a row as they did. However, my wife has sort of encouraged us to do the 40-Day plan, so I thought I’d do it as I have time.

So, I stopped by the calendar store in the mall which, as always for mid-January, is selling their remaining calendars for 50% off. Of course, my wife had a good point: Why do they lower the price after New Year’s? Why not double the price? After all, if you waited until now like I do every year, then you are pretty much stuck, are you not? What other choices do I really have? The prices should be lowest in July and August for all the squares who are buying their Christmas presents early, helping to entice the rest of us to take note and to plan ahead. Plus, competition is greater as November and December roll in - not only in the calendar market, but the competition for our hard-earned dollars heats up, too.

But, perhaps I shouldn’t complain. I’m happy to miss 10 days on a calendar to save fifty percent.

So, instead of buying an important calendar that communicated my professional worth, or showed off some cozy friends, I bought the CSI 2007 Wall Calendar. Yes, I really have enjoyed watching CSI episodes on DVD this past year. I almost bought a vintage Superman calendar, but chose this instead.

Now, in case you think it doesn’t meet the test for curing Adultitis, I ask you this: What kind of person litters his walls with pictures and posters of TV shows, movies, rock stars, and the like? A person young at heart, or an adult? I hope to get a few models of space ships from Star Wars to sit on top of my monitor to keep me company as I work. Geeky? Perhaps. But hopefully it will keep my light-hearted and not so serious.

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