For those who write me and wonder if I’m related to Duke or Lynn Salberg, the answer is no. At least not in anyway that I can figure out. Maybe if we went back hundreds of years to the middle ages, our ancestors might have all been huddling in the same ship that crossed the Atlantic or something.

I’m part of the Salberg clan that moved to the Melbourne area in 1973, from Miami. We lived here until about 1980 when my dad took a job with Aramco in Saudi Arabia. Then in 1990, we returned (just as Saddam was about to launch SCUD missiles into our hometown) to Melbourne. And we’ve pretty much been here ever since. Of course, our extended family also moved here in the late 1970’s.

Duke Salberg, who I know nothing about but maybe will meet someday, is currently a city council member for the City of West Melbourne. He isn’t a long-time Brevard county resident, but he won the office in 2004, and I started getting inquiries right about then.

Lynn Salberg, his wife, is currently the principal of Calvary Christian School in West Melbourne. Thus, I imagine they both probably attend Calvary Chapel.

I’m not sure if by posting this, I’ll be able to cut down on the inquiries, or if they will increase. Hopefully, they’ll be less.

If I ever find a blog or website where you can contact the West Melbourne Salberg family, I’ll post it here and let you know. You can contact Duke through the City of West Melbourne, but I’m pretty sure that is for city-related business. Anything you send through that, I believe, is essentially public communication that the city keeps on file.

I’m sure they are great people (after all, they are Salberg’s!), but I don’t have the faintest idea of their life history, who their children are (if any), where they are from, or how to get in touch with them. So, despite the relatively unique last name, especially in Brevard where every Salberg in the phone book used to be related to us in one way or another, I’m honestly not going to be able to help you.

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