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STOP the Stalker

Is it just me or is this just a truly deplorable (and laughable) sign of the post-modern culture we live in? I received this in my email box:

STOP the Stalker- UCF Victim Services Event: UCF Victim Services is hosting STOP the Stalker event to recognize Stalking Awareness month on January, 30th, 2007. The event will take place on the Student Union patio at 11am- 3pm. We will have free food for students, a game show with great prizes and information about Stalking and Cyberstalking. 102 Jamz will also be broadcasting live form the Union. A FREE self defense class will be offered in Key West C and D from 2:30pm - 3:30pm. A Cyberstalking presentation presented by UCF’s computer crimes officer Eric Walton, will take place from 7:30- 9pm in Cape Florida A and B. Please come out and join us for an exciting event and to learn more about the crime that is rapidly increasing on college campuses for both males and females.

Why Reading Blogs is Crucial to being Smart

It’s 2007. Few people in your neighborhood read blogs. Depending on where you work, you may have coworkers who don’t know what a blog is, much less a “blog reader”. Most people you know read more each year from magazines, trade journals, books, and newspapers than they ever read from a blog.

Not me.

I’m going to tell you why reading blogs is absolutely crucial if you want to be smart, well-informed, and street-smart. Moreover, I’m going to show you how reading blogs will make you more sociable, friendly, and confident.

Free Wireless Access in Brevard

If you live in Brevard, as many of my readers do, and are looking for great places to find free internet wireless access, a good place to start is this page in Brevard Directory. Some Palm Bay residents have pointed out that even the new Starbucks in Palm Bay is not offering wireless access yet. That sure is a mystery to me. Even the Wendy’s at Palm Bay Road and Babcock has free wireless access, although the service there is a little weak since the access point is buried in the manager’s office.


After discovering Adultitis by Jason and Kim Kotecki, I almost had to laugh at how uptight we adults have become. I really liked their 40-Day Escape Plan. Unfortunately, with six children and a very busy schedule, I don’t quite have the luxury of doing my 40 days all in a row as they did. However, my wife has sort of encouraged us to do the 40-Day plan, so I thought I’d do it as I have time.

Speeding up the Website

There are lots of things you can do to speed up a website. But that is a whole article in and of itself. For now, to make my blog more comfortable for my many new visitors, I removed some of my badges and third-party content on my sidebar. For now, this includes my Traineo badge that details how much weight I’m losing, my Amazon Wishlist, and my music listening profile on Last FM. They aren’t gone forever - you can still see them on my “About Lawrence” page.

I’m not Duke or his son

For those who write me and wonder if I’m related to Duke or Lynn Salberg, the answer is no. At least not in anyway that I can figure out. Maybe if we went back hundreds of years to the middle ages, our ancestors might have all been huddling in the same ship that crossed the Atlantic or something.

I’m part of the Salberg clan that moved to the Melbourne area in 1973, from Miami. We lived here until about 1980 when my dad took a job with Aramco in Saudi Arabia. Then in 1990, we returned (just as Saddam was about to launch SCUD missiles into our hometown) to Melbourne. And we’ve pretty much been here ever since. Of course, our extended family also moved here in the late 1970’s.

Search for Significance Seminar

If you’ve been thinking about the new year and some of those resolutions you’ve made, and if you live in the Brevard County area, what about considering your spiritual walk? If you are a Christian or read the Bible for inspiration, I can’t think of a better way to start the year out right then to attend a Search for Significance Seminar.

My friend, Jean LeStourgeon, is leading one in the South Brevard area from January 22 through January 25, 2007 from 5:30pm to 9:00pm each night. Jean is an excellent counselor and a very compassionate woman. She has great insight into things, so if you’ve had a tough 2006, this would be a great way to get your head and heart on the right path. Soon, 2007 will begin its stranglehold on your schedule, right about the time you start seeing Valentine’s Day cards in Walmart.

Andrew Peterson Concert with Derek Webb and Eric Peters

I haven’t gone to too many concerts in my life. I saw The Lettermen when I was a child in Saudi Arabia. I still remember it like it was yesterday - and I still love The Lettermen. I saw Bruce Hornsby and the Range in Orlando. I’ve seen a few other lessor acts. I saw a few hair bands at Hard Rock Station in Orlando. But all in all, I’m not a “concert guy”. Oddly, I’d love to go to see certain acts in concert, but for as much as I love music, you’d likely be surprised at how little interest in concerts I show. Maybe it is the people around me that leave me annoyed. Maybe it is poor sound production - which for an audiophile like me can be tough - especially after a few hours.

Palm Bay Improved in Google Earth

If you live in Palm Bay and enjoy using Google Earth, you may have noticed that the resolution quality of much of Palm Bay and south Melbourne wasn’t that great - until now. Now, you have the same quality resolution of other major cities. It looks as if most of the newer satellite photos of Brevard were taken after the hurricanes of 2004, so you’ll see lots of blue tarps on roofs as you look around. It gives you a good sense of the kind of damage people experienced.

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