On the Importance to Men of Raising Children

There are many events in a man’s life which may rightfully be labeled important. In my own experience, I often look back to determine how these events have changed me, how they have shaped me, or how I have grown through them. Through this reflection, I recognize only one event significant enough to be labeled important, that is, life-changing. Although it can hardly be called a singular event, the raising of children, each day, is the most important event of my life.

The importance of raising children might readily be agreed upon by many different groups. But, much of the agreement would be based on the significance to the child, or perhaps, to the family unit. I would suggest that a man who endeavors to raise children daily will likely be changed for the better. In my own life, this has altered my world view so much more than other so-called important events, such as their births, my marriage, or our engagement. While all of these have been steps on a journey, they fail as a solid platform; they live in the past, unalterable. Raising children each day is a new creative process which combines the past, present, and future. Taken seriously, a man can make leaps forward from his own childish ways, yet oddly, remain a child more freely.

I often hear of raising children as a “task” or “responsibility”. This grates me, even though there is some measure of truth to it. I doubt that men refer to their fishing hobby, or their automobiles, in such ways. I think a better term would be “devotion” which implies not only responsibility, but also love. It also confers the great effect, like many other devotions, that raising children will have on the doer.

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[…] The other day, Eric posted a short blurb on his blog. It is a one-week followup to the birth of his new son entitled The Endurance of Peace. I found it very compelling. Eric briefly muses that maybe a new father of one-week might not have a whole lot to offer, but I can tell you as a father who has gone through seven births that I found it very insightful - and it really isn’t related to births and fathering at all, but to this life we live on this earth. It was the birth of his son that got him thinking about something that he otherwise might not have thought out, which still further supports my idea that it is only right and worthwhile to raise children if we want to grow as men. And even then, I’m sure Eric and many other fathers would agree, that raising children is only a very small step in the right direction - we still fall so short! But at least it’s a step that has no negatives, all positives, and gets us moving, some more than others, in the right direction. I think Eric will quickly surpass many of us with his thoughtful insights. I think when I had my first child only a week old, my mind was on anything but the type of thinking that Eric was pondering. I highly recommend Eric’s post. […]


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