Lawrence Salberg logoI finally had to retire my favorite Darth Vader logo that I used whenever I signed up with some site that wanted a photo upload. I have a pet peeve about my personal photo being a masthead for anything. I think I have some fear that some longtime reader of my site will recognize me from my photo when I’m walking in Walmart and walk up to me and start jawing my ear off about everything I ever said or wrote (even though they never bothered to comment). It might sound kind of paranoid, but when you’ve been around the world as much as I have, you quickly realize that 5 billion people or no, it is still a small world after all.

After finally joining a few social networking sites, some of them were smartly warning that I shouldn’t upload a photo that I don’t have the right to distribute. While I sort of think of it as a sign of respect for Lucas’ creation, I probably don’t technically have the right to distribute photos of Vader and rather than get in some kind of trouble, I’m discontinuing it. So, here’s the new photo. Longtime readers of my blog might recognize it somewhat from a prior headshot I used from two years ago. But, I’ve updated it and modified it slightly, making the Lawrence Salberg more readable when the image is displayed at smaller sizes, as third party sites are apt to do.

So, what do you think? Am I crazy for not just putting a standard headshot on here? Does this look as lame (or lamer) than my old Darth Vader image. What’s the best approach?

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