I found a cool little pocket Songwriter’s Rhyming Dictionary you can use when you are writing songs that I was giving to a friend of mine. You probabaly wouldn’t discover on your own a few of the following rhymes I found in this book:

Excuse: Syracuse (a - ha! And you’ve always wanted to write a song about the whining that goes on in upstate New York).

Moan: Dictaphone (I think this one speaks for itself - just ask any Dictaphone employee).

Oddly, the only two words that they say rhyme with Quiet are Diet and Riot, which makes me realize that the heavy metal band of the 70’s/80’s called Quiet Riot, despite the strange name, definitely chose the better of those two words.

Here’s an entire song/poem that I wrote in seconds just using the word Romance.


Your eyes have left me in a trance.
Your gaze makes me want to dance.
Or perhaps, even gayly, to prance.
It could be a beautiful romance.

Roooooooo — maaaaaaance…
Roooooooo — maaaaaaance…
Roooooooo — maaaaaaance…
We could have a beautiful romance.

I’d like to take you to Paris, France,
If I ever improve my finance.
And shower you with extravagance.
It could be a wonderful romance.

Now, darling, before you take a stance,
And fend off my fumbling advance,
Or throw me a hateful glance,
Or make me put back on my pants,
I beg you to give me one last chance,
And consider my unique cirmcumstance.

I’m as hard working as a mound of fire ants.
I’d even stab out my eye with a lance.
It’s your life I want to enhance.
Let’s make a beautiful romance.

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