The Retrospector has posted the Top 10 Ways to Motivate Geeks at work. I couldn’t possibly agree more. I think I’ve finally realized why some employers hate me. They aren’t geeks! They want what geeks can bring to the table, but they don’t know how to manage geeks.

By this I mean that they want geeks to “fix” things in their little office world… make them more efficient, make their jobs easier, make them profitable, etc. But, they don’t want to pay us what we are worth - not in $$$ per se, but in these ten motivations listed by The Retrospector.

From now on, I’d better be interviewed by a fellow geek, or at the least, a geek sympathizer, or else I think I’ll just walk. No point in delaying the inevitable frustration I’ll have while watching the incompetence abound like mold spores. Walk early. I don’t usually call myself a geek, but I’ll take the label geek any day over “corporate drone”.

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