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Gifts for Obadiah

Just wanted to post this real quick as a sort of public thank you while I was thinking about it. I’m sure there are many other major thank you’s, but wanted to make these known.

Some thoughts on grief

I’m sort of exhausted again after another day of bizarre sleep patterns. My mother-in-law, who has experienced the death of her first child as a stillborn, and the death of her husband about ten years ago, told me today that “grief is exhausting”. I couldn’t agree more. I’m constantly exhausted, feeling like doing nothing, but yet, I can’t sleep. The night before Obadiah’s funeral, I only got two hours of sleep. I later fell asleep for about 90 minutes - just out of sheer exhaustion at about 4 in the afternoon. You’d think I’d come home and crash. No. I only got about four hours of sleep last night.

Obadiah’s Song

I had asked my friend, Dietrich Browne, if he would consider playing a few songs at the service. We had decided only to have a graveside service. Partly, unlike someone who is older, there just isn’t much for people to say in the way of a Eulogy for a newborn or small child. But then, again, there seems to be something kind of sweet and innocent about that. Like there is such meaning to this life even though the person never accomplished anything or formed any great relationships or whatever. We just have to honor his short life for what it was - a creation from God, a blessing, a gift.

Obadiah Malachi

Yesterday, I buried my son Obadiah Malachi. He was stillborn on May 21. It has been the most heart-wrenching experience of my life. I feel very much like writing and writing and just getting it all out, yet at the same time feel like doing nothing. But I have to write and here seems as appropriate as anywhere else. I really never handwrite anything anyway, so a journal wouldn’t work for me. My thoughts always come faster than I can write, but I type pretty fast so it is easier to keep up with myself.

Brevard County Commissioner Helen Voltz has local Gadfly arrested

Our local paper did not cover this and I heard about this only after receiving an email from a friend about it. Here was his email:

Dear Brevard County Commission,

The arrest of Walter Pine at a commission meeting has come to my attention. It is documented in the video clips below.

I am ashamed of three members of my county commission, Helen Voltz, Ron Pritchard, and Jackie Colon. Sue Carlson was not there and Truman Scarborough tried to be reasonable but couldn’t even get a second.

7 Efficiency Tools for Small Businesses

If you aren’t using these seven tools, your business is run by fools. Okay, let me try that again. If you want to break some common sense rules, avoid these seven efficiency tools.

So I don’t have the poetic left-brain side up and running today. But, that isn’t why you read my articles. At least I hope you don’t. You could be in for some considerable disappointment. But, this list should be considered a must-have for a small business.

In fact, if you are interviewing for a new job, I’d check to make sure all these seven tools are in place and functional. If they aren’t, you may be working for a cheapskate, an incompetent, or an absentee owner. I’m not sure which is worse. The exception here would be if you are being hired to implement some or all of these tools.

How to Save Money at a Car Dealership - From an Ex-Car Salesman (Part 1)

I was going to create a seminar and charge a lot of money for this information, but I changed my mind and thought I could give back to the community by giving away this information - for free. It will be the last free thing you get before you set foot in the showroom of the car dealership. This is going to be part one of what will likely be a four or five part series.

A Few Disclaimers

DVD Extras

I love DVD’s in comparison to videotapes. However, what once an odd trend has now become a de facto standard in the DVD world: the inclusion of “bonus” material on DVD’s.

I confess that I rarely watch this stuff. The only thing that I will regularly watch is a “blooper” reel from the movie. However, even a lot of these are just the actors flubbing their words and then yelling out some curse word while laughing and walking off the set. Those aren’t really all that funny or necessary to include.