Products of Public School?

I’m not sure if I’m more a fan of homeschooling, or just very hateful toward public schools. Get back to me on that one.

I’ve been taking a few college courses lately (junior year) and in one particular course, I’ve received a stunning number of emails begging for help. Not study group requests, not even an “I’m stumped” email. But emails asking me (and hundreds of other students) for us to do their work for them. There’s always a heart-breaking reason. I thought I’d share them here for a laugh at the future of America. But, I wonder if it would be right to also share their names and email addresses, too. If I could find a compelling reason to do so, I think I would. I’m sure they are all public school graduates.

I probably shouldn’t have to say this, but all of these were received either after-the-fact, or less than a day before something was due. What a surprise, eh?

Hi guys i know everyone hates emails, but can someone please email pages 132 & 133 for the excel assignment. I am out of town and brought the wrong book. Please HELP! If not can some one just tell me the instructions.

okay, i know this is super last minute notice, but i procrastinated on this week’s assignment only to find out that i had left my book in orlando (i am home for easter). if anyone can scan and email me the pages that we need to do the assignment, i would really appreciate it. thanks in advance.

Can anyone forward me the email our teacher sent out with the extra credit assignment on it please, sometime today. Thanks.


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I’m sorry where does it ask you to do the work for them? Yeah they screwed up, but they’re doing what they have to do in order to pass the class. We’re not all perfect like you Lawrence. People make mistakes. I’m guessing this won’t be put on the page, unless you’re man enough to put someone elses point of view on your little blog.

I don’t know what Grumble is talking about but I can tell you that I’m currently working on a PhD in Education (Instructional Technology) and the State School teachers that I’m around are amazing. Here are 4 things that I’ve learned about these amazing teachers (and they are sincere people): 1. Teachers need more money 2. Parents bug off (stay out of our business: you are idiots, we are the experts 3. We hate NCLB 4. We hate George Bush

I’ll add a few more: 5. We have no idea what NCLB is! 6. We primarily need democracy in the classrooms (communism, no one owns anything in this class) 7. Evolution is a theory, no, a fact!, no, it’s the Law: because we say so: Shut up!!

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