Found this email from an woman who worked at an ex-employer of mine. Exactly what I said previously, is it not?

For those who would like to participate in the recipe exchange and get some new recipes… please try to bring your recipe in tomorrow (Friday). You can bring them to me, and I will put them all together and pass out copies to everyone on Monday. If anyone forgets tomorrow, just bring it on Monday - that is OK too.

How great is that? She even takes the time to identify what day tomorrow is — on an email — and makes allowances for forgetfulness. To whom, I wonder is she addressing? Men or women? And of course, it ends on the all-accepting terms of a Monday submission. Remember, the idea is not to work - it is to create a loving atmosphere to exchange cute recipes — all on company time. She actually sent this at 9:18am. Wouldn’t you love your inbox alerting you with stuff like that at work?

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