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Typical Employee Syndrome

Do you know what a “typical employee” is? Someone who just does enough to collect their paycheck. I’ve always thought the whole world should be paid on commission — even fast food employees. Let me take that back. Especially fast food employees.

I went down to Palm Bay City Hall to inquire about a business license. I had already read everything online, but noticed that to get a business permit for a “home office”, I could not be involved in the storage of “goods” at my home. The online information didn’t qualify what “goods”, so I wanted to find out what would be interpreted as “goods” since, technically, my “goods” were not for direct resale.

Church Signs

It drives me nuts everytime I see a church sign with those cutsey sayings posted on them. One in Palm Bay today says “Praise without ceasing”. The Bible verse actually says “Pray without ceasing” which is a command to Christians. But the church changed it. Who even knows what it is supposed to mean. Is it still a command to Christians? Is it an advertisement that their church (a charasmatic church) is doing just that during their worship services?

Worse is when I see those little clever sayings like “Forbidden fruit creates many jams”. Ugh. Some of them are flat out pleas for people, apparently anyone, to come and fill the pews. “Try our Sundays. They are better than Baskin-Robbins”.